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Digest Shuaa Digest October 2012 PDF

Discussion in 'Pakistan Digital Library' at Pakistan.web.pk started by Veer, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Ali Mustafa

    Ali Mustafa New Member

    jaldi upload kr dain plz
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  2. anayasweet

    anayasweet New Member

    how can i register myself ovr here

  3. aisha rafique

    aisha rafique New Member

    plxxxxxxxxxxxxx upload soon..:(
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  4. S Ali

    S Ali New Member

    late as alwayz :(
  5. a

    aala abid New Member

    akhir kab tak .... humain wait krwain gyn..........(((
  6. dijaa Ali

    dijaa Ali New Member

    kb aiy ga?
  7. Hafsa

    Hafsa Super Star Pakistani

    Yaar, app log itni tension kaun lete hai? Jab digest a gaye ga to, I promise you, one of the staff members won't even wait for a second to upload. I think you all, as well as I, should be a little patient and appreciate their work as it is.
    If the digest is late in the market, its not their fault.
    Plz, it is a request from me, as a sister, to just show a little gratitude towards the staff.
  8. Honey Warraich

    Honey Warraich New Member

    ab to 4th aaaaaaaaaaaa gyaaaaaaaaa......!!!!!!!!!!
  9. friendsmile786

    friendsmile786 New Member

    7000 dafa check ho gi yeh post .. market ma kiun nahi aa raha anyone knows ?
  10. mavya

    mavya New Member

    abi tk q nae aya jannat k pattay