Some tips for you in Ramzan month

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    Selam Aleykum,

    Tomorrow will begin the holy month Ramadan in sha Allah.
    Here are some tips for you:

    • stay up for Suhoor because it's Sunnah!
    • drink enough water
    • do not eat fast food or in general food which is oily, fried or highly-sugared
    • try to reduce salt because it will make you thirsty
    • eat food like: dates, eggs, vegetables, fruits, bread, nuts, oatmeal

    • do not eat too much
    • break your fast with a date then drink water
    • start your iftar with a dua
    • end your meal with "Alhamdulillah"

    • gain Taqwa
    • be grateful for what you have
    • be kind and respectful
    • try not to sin
    • read more Quran
    • try to listen less music
    • make Dhikr
    • watch Ramadan videos on youtube
    • pray on time and pray the Tarawih prayer
    • gain more knowledge about our Prophet (pbuh), about Allah, about our religion
    • learn Allahs 99 names
    Have a blessed ramzan
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    Thanks a lot for sharing such great info ...
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    Thanx for sharing