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    Toli Peer

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    Tolli Peer, a peak of deep spiritual importance for the region. Apart from that with its lush green meadows and wonderful colored flowers, pine trees, and not to forget the panoramic view of Himalayan Range from the height of around 9,000 feet.

    A 15 min walk from the parking site to the edge of Toli peer is like a feeling of deep sense of peace and the beauty of the surrounding envelop you with its charms. You can shift your burden of depression in no time at all.

    One of the greatest discoveries of my life, and possibly the greatest thing I do for my self, my body, mind and spirit is to take these short walks in beauty of the Nature.

    So if you are feeling bored, want to relieve stress, just go to Rawalakot and then 20 Km drive to Toli Peer, PArk you ride there and simply start the walk toward the grave of Toli Peer.

    I think Albert Einstein hit the nail on the head when he said, "We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us."

    Taken: During a walk over the meadows and mountain of Toli peer, Rawalakot, Azad Jammu Karshmir, Pakistan

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    it is infact a heaven on earth...very beautiful place to visit. A perfect Family spot !!!
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    Toli Peer,Heaven on earth,Azad Kashmir

    Tolipir is the highest mountainous location and the most attractive point in the north-eastern area of Rawalakot. Tolipir offers outback time on wide spread grassy fields and aspiring views as it is the origin point of three different mountainous ridges. The tourism rest-house on the way to tolipir is also located on a very scenic location. There are some old remains of a Mazaar at the highest top of Tolipir. Weather is pleasant. Best to visit the location is from April to September otherwise too cold from October to March. Natural beauty is at its peak in April & May. no doubt, it is the best place in Pakistan for those who love nature.
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    toli peer ki pics b share ker dain tau kiya baat hey.
    we 'll be thankfull to u.
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    very beautiful place