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  1. Veer

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    Top 5 Smartphone Companies, Worldwide Shipments, Market Share, and Year-Over-Year Growth, Calendar Year 2018 (shipments in millions of units)


    Company2018 Shipment Volumes2018 Market Share2017 Shipment Volumes2017 Market ShareYear-Over-Year Change
    1. Samsung292.320.8%317.721.70%-8.0%
    2. Apple208.814.9%215.814.70%-3.2%
    3. Huawei20614.7%154.210.50%33.6%
    4. Xiaomi122.68.7%92.76.30%32.2%
    5. OPPO113.18.1%111.77.60%1.3%
    Source: IDC Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, January 30, 2019

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  2. @Veer Thanks for sharing...Samsung is ruling the mobile market all over the world....That's why i prefer samsung over iphone:). .... In the smartphone market, the identity of Apple is iPhone and it is the reason for Apple's second position in the smartphone market....
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  3. Veer

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    and this new year 2019 Apple could go down further...

    My prediction for year 2019
    1. Samsung
    2. Huawei
    3. Apple
    4. Xiaomi
    5. Oppo
    There is another noticeable thing, both Samsung and Apple are going down -8.0% and -3.2% respectively. And in other side Huawei and Xiaomi growing so much faster 33.6% and 32.2% respectively. In my opinion both Huawei amd Xiaomi would be in top 3 soon.

    So future ranking could be
    1. Huawei
    2. Samsung
    3. Xiaomi
    4. Apple
    5. Oppo
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  4. @Veer
    Indeed It's quite possible ....Our needs change, our wants change, and we use whichever platform might suit us best..... Perhaps we decide to switch from Windows to Mac, for example, and ditching a Samsung smartphone for the iPhone seems like a good idea so we can take advantage of Continuity..... And then there are people who simply buy whichever new phone they can get a good deal on when it comes time to upgrade, be an iPhone or an Android device...... Switching between platforms is still an adjustment though, and there are inevitably features from your old phone that a person will miss having on his or her new phone when switching from one platform to another....I'd stay with Samsung:)...its a lifetime contract between me and Samsung...:)
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