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    Future SUV presented as a three-dimensional exposure with an optical illusion. The image of the car can be seen only from a certain angle in front of the sculpture.

    Toyota is preparing to submit a new version of the Highlander SUV. The public debut of the novelty will take place in the middle of the month at the New York Auto Show. The new version of the car carzaamin(.)com will replace the platform with a TNGA modular "cart". This will make the car completely new. The design clearly traces some elements from the current version of RAV4.
    Presentation of the future news passed as a three-dimensional installation from the artist Michael Murphy. The suspended sculpture consists of 200 suspended parts. About two months of work were spent on preparing the exposition. Each element was prepared separately and printed on a 3D printer, followed by manual painting.

    As the power unit will be used the old 3.5-liter V6 engine, which may receive some modification. Most likely, the line of power units will be expanded, and a hybrid version will have to appear. In conjunction with all the engines will offer only automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system.