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    Uber looking at Pakistan as a potential market for flying cars

    Uber is one of the biggest ride-hailing services globally. After introducing Uber moto, autos and Uber Go, they are now eyeing flying cars as their next big step. The company is aiming to provide even more easy way for people to commute for day to day services.

    Uber’s Regional Manager for the Middle East and Africa Anthony Le Roux said, that the company is also considering to choose Pakistan as a potential market for it’s flying cars.

    The hailing service company is currently working on making flying cars that use vertical take-off and landing technology, in this way these vehicles won’t even need a long runway to get up in the air or for the landing.
    And this is not it, the ride-hailing service is also working on driverless cars that can make use of complex, algorithms, radars and technology that can safely commute passengers from point A to B.

    “In the relative time Uber would take to launch driverless cars around the world, it was more likely, we can see flying cars much sooner in Pakistan than the complicated driverless cars,” said Le Roux, while talking to a local media publication.

    When asked how successful Uber is doing in Pakistan, he stated that currently there are over 30,000 drivers in Pakistan who are using the ride-sharing app and offering their services.

    And when asked why they chose Pakistan for testing their flying cars? Le Roux mentions that ever since Uber has been launched in Pakistan, it has rapidly accepted its services. So that’s why they chose Pakistan.

    One more thing was revealed is that the company is also going to launch its food delivery service in Pakistan soon. Which will be Uber Eats.

    Currently, the company is providing its services to 8 major cities of Pakistan. Let’s see how the flying cars work in Pakistan now!

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