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    UN Resolutions on Kashmir 6 September 1965

    Resolution 210 (1965) Adopted by the Security Council at its 1238th Meeting on 6 September, 1965.

    The Security Council,

    Noting the report by the Secretary-General on developments in the situation in Kashmir since the adoption of the Security Council cease-fire resolution on 4 September 1965 [S/RES/209 (1965)] being document S/6661 dated 6 September 1965,

    Noting with deep concern the extension of the fighting which adds immeasurably to the seriousness of the situation,

    Calls upon the parties to cease hostilities in the entire area of conflict immediately, and promptly withdraw all armed personnel back to the positions held by them before 5 August 1965;
    Requests the Secretary-General to exert every possible effort to give effect to this resolution and the resolution of 4 September 1965, to take all measures possible to strengthen the UNMOGIP, and to keep the Council promptly and currently informed on the implementation of the resolutions and on the situation in the area;
    Decides to keep this issue under urgent and continuous review so that the Council may determine what further steps may be necessary to secure peace and security in the area.
    *The Security Council unanimously adopted this Resolution on 6-9-1965.

    Members of the Council: **Bolivia, China, France, **Ivory Coast, **Jordan, **Malaysia, **Netherlands, U.S.S.R., U.K., U.S.A. and **Uruguay.

    **Non Permanent Members of the Security Council.
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