When is 1st Ramadan 2018 in Pakistan?

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    When is Ramadan in 2018? When will be Ramzan 2018? 1st Ramadan in Pakistan 2018 First Roza Date Time

    InshaALLAH, 1st Ramadan 2018 in Pakistan will begin from Thursday, 17th May, as on 16th May, the probability of moon crescent visibility with optical aid is easy and also possible by naked eye. Ramadan 2018 will have 29 fasts and last day on 14th of June 2018, Insha'Allah.


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    Pakistan Web k visitors ko main remind karwana chahta hoon pichle saal ki tarah is baar bhi Pakistan Web ka Prayer Times section aap ko namaz timing k sath sath Sehri aur Iftar time bhi batata hai. Pakistan Web ki yeh service ab pehlay say zyada countries aur locations ko support kar rahi hai aur aanay walay dino may (Ramadan 2018 start honay tak) mazeed locations add ki ja'ein gi, Insha Allah.

    Example of Accurate Namaz Times

    Pakistan Prayer Times 2018.

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    Pakistan Ramadan 2018 Timings  Sehr o Iftar Timetable.

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    Pakistan Prayer Times, Ramadan 2018 Timings, Sehr o Iftar Timetable | Pakistan Social Web

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    Pakistan Prayer Times  Ramadan 2018 Timings.
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