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    Yakhni Daal Recipe in Urdu, Tarka with Rida Aftab Recipes 19 April 2016 Masala TV Show

    Masala TV show Tarka features cooking expert Rida Aftab.

    Tarka takes you on a journey from chutneys to the fusion of eastern and western cuisines. Our desi cuisine queen Rida Aftab infuses easy to find and easy to use ingredients and transforms everyday meals into recipes with a rich rewarding flavor.

    So get ready to spice up your life and experience classic desi and fusion cooking only on ‘Tarka”

    Today's Recipe Menu:
    • Sabzi kay Kabab
    • Yakhni Daal

    Timing: Every Monday to Friday at 3pm (PKT)
    See more Recipes of Tarka
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    thaaaaanx a lot. i really want theses recipes.
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