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Alizay Meanings, Origin, Lucky Number

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Alizay Meaning

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Alizay in Urdu

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Additional Info

Ali bin Abi Talib has no daughter named Alizeh in the authentic Islamic sources, and just to make very sure I also looked at Shi`a sources, still no mention of this name or anything similar to it.

The only mention of a name sounding like this is in the Dehkhoda dictionary, the largest Farsi dictionary. The name is mentioned as a synonym for Alyas (not Ilyas), a prophet mentioned in the Quran in 6:86 and 38:48, known as Elisha in the Bible. For this reason Alizeh can be used for a boy if by it you mean the prophet Alyas.

Alizeh could also be a mispronunciation or variant of Alizaa, which is short for Alizaadeh, which means "offspring of Ali". Ali could be any person meaning Ali, though in Shia culture it refers to Ali bin Abi Talib. and zaadeh means "born", so it literally means "Ali born", born of Ali, i.e. a child of Ali. Since Ali means high, the name literally means "high born", "high status". I have never seen this used as a name however, it is only used as a last name in Farsi.

Alizé and Alizée, pronounced as Alizeh and Alizey respectively, is a French word meaning "trade winds", the winds that blow near the Tropics.

To sum things up, you can use Alizeh for a baby girl and by it you can mean "trade winds" (the French meaning). Or you can use it for a boy and by it you can mean prophet Alyas. If Alizeh has other good meanings in other languages, you can use those meanings as well.

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