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Arwaa Meanings, Origin, Lucky Number

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  • Arabic

Arwaa Meaning

Softness, Lightness, Agility, Liveliness, Beauty. A mountain gazelle, Satisfied.

Arwaa in Urdu


Additional Info

Arwa is a feminine name of Arabic origin. It is said to mean ‘satified’ although strangely in its original Arabic it could also be used to refer to a mountain goat. The name may have increased in popularity because of the fame of the Yemeni singer and television host who has this stage name.

Arwa is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means “female ibex” (the type of animal pictured here) and has meanings of “softness”, “lightness”, “agility”, “liveliness”, “beauty”.

Arwa is the name of one of the aunts of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, whose full name is Arwa bint Abdulmutallib bint Hashim, and who became Muslim after her brother Hamzah (uncle of Prophet Muhammad) converted to Islam and thus is a Sahabiyyah (female companion of the Prophet). Arwa is derived from the R-W-Y root which is a Quranic root.

We have destroyed so many generations before them, who surpassed them in material power and splendor. (19:74)

Similar Names

, Arwa , Arwan , Arwaa

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