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Manha Meanings, Origin, Lucky Number

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  • Arabic

Manha Meaning

Direction, Path, Road, Way of life

Manha in Urdu


Additional Info

Manha means direction, path, road, way of life. The correct pronunciation is (MUN)ch + (HA)rd. It is not a Quranic word directly or indirectly, but since the meaning is good it is an acceptable name.

Manha is written as منحى in Arabic, which is different from منهى (forbidden), though they are both pronounced the same when written in English. The two words come from completely different roots and their meaning is unrelated.

The meaning of "Gift from Allah" is incorrect, that's the meaning of Minha.

Similar Names

, Minha

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  1. Veer
    @Hafsa sis I have updated it's meanings with detail. Manha and Minha are different with different meanings. So I also added Minha after verifying the meanings and how to write in Urdu or Arabic.

    Minha is available in Similar Names section above.
    Feb 21, 2016
    1. Hafsa
      Thank you Veer bhai :)
      Feb 21, 2016