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Baby Girl Names

Misbah Meanings, Origin, Lucky Number

  • Baby Girl Names Baby Girl Names
  • Arabic
Lucky Number:
  • 6

Misbah Meaning

Light, Lamp, Roshni

Misbah in Urdu


Additional Info

Misbah is Arabic origin name for Baby Girl Names Baby Girl Names that means Light, Lamp, Roshni. Lucky Number for Misbah is 6.
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    Comments on the name Misbah

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    1. Saad Sheikh
      Nice name, used for boys too.
      Jan 14, 2012
      1. Khudeeja Bashir
        Khudeeja Bashir
        Bilkul use hota hai boys k liye bhi....isi lye maney boys k liye add nhn kiya...Misbah-ul-Haq pey Semi Final wala Gussa abhi tak Qaim-0-daim hai....
        Jan 14, 2012
      2. Saad Sheikh
        Saad Sheikh
        hahaha True Pakistani Ghussa :D
        Jan 14, 2012

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