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Rudaba Meanings, Origin, Lucky Number

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Rudaba Meaning

Behti Nadi, Nadi Ka Bahao, Famous Irani Pehelwan Rustam Ki Maa Ka Naam

Rudaba in Urdu


Additional Info

Rudaba is a Persian mythological female figure in Ferdowsi's epic Shahnameh. She is the princess of Kabul, daughter of Mehrab Kaboli, and later she becomes married to Zal, as they become lovers. They had two children, including Rostam, the main hero of the Shahnama.

The word Roodabeh consists of two sections. "Rood" and "ab", "Rood" means child and "ab" means shining, means shining child. ( from Dehkhoda Dictionary ). In Dari language of Darbar (Royal Court) which the shahnameh was written Rud means River and Aab means Water. Therefore that her name means she of the River Water.

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